About us

Since its creation, Urbano’s films have reached an estimated audience of 15 million homes.

The first, “Paisagem Carioca – Vista do Morro” (2013), portrays the pain and delight caused by the gentrification process, caused by the influx of new middle-class affluent residents, foreigners and their business in Rio’s favelas.

In the second film, “No Caminho das Pedras” (2019), the director addresses the famous “Portuguese stone” sidewalks, from their appearance in Lisbon to their arrival in Rio de Janeiro.

The third film, “Uruguay – At the Vanguard” (2019), illustrates Uruguay’s recent socio-political advances and achievements, related to labor rights, gender equity, decriminalization of drugs and racial issues.

His last and fourth film, recently completed, “Favela do Papa” narrates, through images and interviews, the resistance of the slum’s dwellers of Vidigal against the eviction order. The film shows the conquest of this community that was crowned by the visit of Pope John Paul II to Vidigal. This story made Vidigal community a paradigm of resistance and struggle for territory.

The next projects (“Tunisia” and “My Trip to Cuba”) focus on human rights, the role of women in democracy, popular movements, the Arab Spring, the creative economy and recent history in Cuba.