Team and Partners

Meet the team and partners of Urbano Filmes,
a Brazilian producer of documentaries and TV series

With a background in art education and culture, Marco Antônio Pereira began his professional career in the creative industry in the entertainment and party sector.

He was responsible for creating some nightclubs and hosting large parties and concerts in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

His contact with the camera and intimacy with audiovisuals came about through publicity as director of TV commercials.

Motivated to discover places and people in their transformation processes in their territories and with an eye on human rights, he founded the company Urbano Filmes in 2012.

Since then, he has produced and directed four documentary feature films: “Paisagens Cariocas – Vista do Morro” (2013), “No Caminho das Pedras” (2019), “Uruguai - Na Vanguarda” (2019) and “Favela do Papa” .

Graduated in Business Administration from PUC-Rio, he began his career in audiovisual as an intern at the CINEBRASILTV channel, where he was hired and became part of the channel's curatorship.

He participated in events such as Rio Content Marketing, receiving producers and projects, and in the first public calls using resources from the newly founded PRODAV.

In June 2015 he founded LF Serviços, where he works as a distributor and executive producer on TV shows and films with exhibitions on the most diverse screens, with emphasis on the partnership with Urbano Filmes and CAVIDEO.

Marine biologist with a passion for nature and life forms in the sea. She was a professor at the Biology Institute of the Federal University of Bahia UFBA, where she developed research, oriented students and published scientific articles. Moved by the ambition to disseminate scientific knowledge to a larger audience, she dedicated herself to environmental education projects in the 3rd sector.

She coordinated socio-environmental projects on marine conservation and developed awareness actions, training courses and campaigns. Working in environmental consultancy in the O&G sector, she has developed strategic assessments, analysis of environmental impacts and proposals for mitigating and compensatory measures.

At Urbano Filmes, she aims to broaden the scope of the debate on environmental and climate issues in society. He is currently developing research and production of a feature documentary on Climate Justice to explore some dimensions of the problem, proposals and effective achievements to mitigate the situation of these communities.

Created in 1997 by Cavi Borges, Cavídio locadora specializes in art films and rare films and quickly became a reference among carioca moviegoers.

In 1999 Cavídio starts to organize film exhibitions. In 2005, the rental company segmented itself and also became a film production company, making short, medium and feature length documentary and fiction films. He also created the Original label, which released 24 classic and recent Brazilian films on DVD, from “O Homem que Virou Suco” (1981) to “Do Luto à Luta” (2005).

In 10 years of existence, Cavídio Produtora had already produced 92 short films and 42 feature films, totaling 183 awards in national and international festivals.

Currently, in addition to producing films, CAVIDEO organizes courses aimed at the cinema public, theater plays and special thematic “Mostras”, always in partnership with Grupo Estação, in addition to managing a library dedicated to cinema at the headquarters of Rio Filmes in Laranjeiras.

Film and television editor and director. Videoartist. She has a postgraduate degree in Computer Graphics from COPPE / UFRJ and a specialization in cinema from UCLA.

She attended a postgraduate course in Documentary Cinema at FGV RJ under the guidance of Eduardo Escorel. She studied at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts, Philosophy, Contemporary Photography and Art History. She studied documentary directing, cinema and anthropology with Eduardo Coutinho, Eduardo Escorel and João Moreira Salles.

She was a professor of theory and practice of montage at the Darcy Ribeiro Film School / RJ.

As a video artist, he develops authorial works of video installations for museums and galleries, having participated in collective and individual exhibitions at the Bienal do Mercosul, Paço Imperial RJ, Oi Futuro RJ, InstitutoTomie Ohtake SP, Arco08-Espanha, SP Arte, Festival biennal des Arts et de la Culture/ Europalia.brasil, the Football Museum and the Rio Art Museum.

In the last 15 years she has edited for several directors such as Silvio Da-Rin, João Jardim, Betse de Paula, Jair de Souza, Murilo Salles, among others. She is co-directing the feature documentary The Last Recording (being finalized), with Isabel Cavalcanti, produced by Modo Operante / Cine Brasil TV. She also directed the short film Penélope (with Helena Varvaki, in 2006), shown at several national and international festivals.

Press officer and cultural producer. Journalist graduated from Universidade Federal Fluminense, with a postgraduate degree in Cinema and Television from the University of Bristol, England.

She has worked in press relations since 1985, when she participated in the creation of the Grupo Estação film distribution and exhibition network, a cultural landmark in the city of Rio de Janeiro, where she remained until 1995, the year she left the company to study abroad.

After returning to Brazil, in 1996, she resumed her work as a press agent, serving several clients in the cultural area, focusing on film releases and showings, exhibitions and dance and theater shows. She works with project development and production of visual arts exhibitions, films and cinema exhibitions.

Screenwriter, director and documentary filmmaker. She worked on major TV stations. Master in Pedagogy, Culture and Communication/UERJ. Lecturer at the Post-Graduate Course in Screenwriting - Facha/RJ.

Screenwriter of the series: A Lei e o Crime (TV Record), Pigmaleão do Brejo (TV Record), A Dona da Banca, Céu Chaótico, among others. From the telenovela The seventh guardian (TV Globo). And from the docs.: Caminho da Pedras (Canal Brasil) and The true story of the payer of promises.

Consultancy for the series PUNGA, WATER TO PLANT, URBAN PORTRAITS, OUR TRADE, MINUTE TO THE POINT, DEPENDENTS, CONEXÃO MAKER, FLAVORS OF THE FOREST, WINDOW OF INNOVATION. Consultant and jury of the Cabíria Festival and the Rio Short Film Festival.

Reviewer for several national public notices such as FAC/Br, Filma Brasil, Netlab, OEA/ Icab and Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy/RJ, among others. Curator of the Luís Buñuel Film Festival.

Screenwriter of the features: CALOR and O RED DRESS (winner of the feature film 2021/Brasília) AND ELISA NO PAÍS DOS TENENTES.

She is currently part of the Executive Committee of AVACI – International Confederation of Audiovisual Creators and of FESAAL, Latin American Federation of Audiovisual Authors, Vice-President of ABRA, Brazilian Association of Screenwriters, until 2020, .

Andrea Cals has training in several areas, specializing in Audiovisual since 2003, with extensive experience in film and script analysis, content selection for film festivals, TV and public notices.

She was part of the first team of Canal Curta! as a curator, producer, director and presenter. She created and presented, for 8 years, the program Cinema in Tune, about Brazilian cinema, on Rádio Roquette Pinto.

In the area of Festival Management, she coordinated and presented the Festival do Rio for 11 years and created and directed the Mostra Século XXI: Mulheres, Ação!.

She participated in the curatorship of the Rio International Short Film Festival- CurtaCinema, the International Women's Festival-FIM and the Brasilia Brazilian Film Festival.

Pedro Rosa Rodrigues was born in Rio de Janeiro, but his parents are from Ceará, from the city of Hidrolândia, in the interior.

They fought hard so that he could have his own dreams, and he ended up falling in love with cinema.

He is currently studying Media Studies at PUC-Rio, collaborating with Urbano since 2022.