Carioca Landscape

  • Genre:Documentary
  • Director:Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Production:Urbano Filmes
  • Year:2013
  • Length:73'
  • Country:Brazil

Following favela-movie style, Carioca Landscape seeks to analyse the new interactions between the favelas’ residents of Rio de Janeiro and their visitors or foreigners who arrive for tourism and decide to settle down in the place.

The team visit the communities and addressed the pain and delight of this social and economic transformation, which followed the pacification process (UPP) carried out by the state government .

Based on interviews and conversations with artists, architects, merchants, writers, tour guides and small entrepreneurs from eight communities, the film explores the contradiction between those who benefit from the new model and those who are threatened by speculation and the process of gentrification.

The film participated in important festivals in the Netherlands (IDFA), Uruguay (Atlantic Doc), Portugal (FACA) and Brazil (FATU) among others, and was shown on the television channel CINEBRASILTV.

  • Director:Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Screenplay:Marco Antônio Pereira and Pedro Nogh
  • Executive Production:Mariana Bezerra and Héctor Fernández
  • Photography:Pablo Koury and Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Additional Photography:Pablo Alves
  • Original Soundtrack:Arthur Maia
  • Musical production:Arthur Maia and Daniel Cahon
  • Co-Production/Finishing:Link Digital
  • Finishing/Audio Treatment:Rob Filmes
  • Press office:Claudia Oliveira
  • Lettering:Aline Carrer