In The Path of the Stones

  • Genre:Documentary
  • Director:Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Production:Urbano Filmes
  • Year:2019
  • Length:70'
  • Country:Brazil

The film goes through the history of the famous Portuguese stone sidewalks, from their appearance in Lisbon, in the mid-19th century, until they arrived in Rio de Janeiro, revealing the art and references of this culture, eternalized in the iconic Copacabana sidewalk by the hands of Burle Marx.

Interweaving history, music, poetry and the art of the most varied mosaics, ranging from sophisticated designs in the art nouveau, art deco, modernist and contemporary styles, the film shows how the art of Portuguese stone spread through Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon.

The film opened the Seoul International Film and Media Festival in South Korea and was screened at festivals in Hungary (Budapest Architecture Film Festival) and the US (Arlington International Film Festival) among others in Brazil. It is currently on Canal Brasil and NOW.

  • Direction:Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Film Script:Marco Antônio Pereira and Sylvia Palma
  • Executive Production:Cid Castro (Pt), Fritz Delangelo
  • +:Fernanda Lacerda (Br)
  • Photography:Marco Antônio Pereira, Eduardo Amaro (Pt)
  • +:Felipe Scaldini, Daniel Coelho, Fritz Delangelo
  • +:Octávio Martins and Bernardo Izechsohn (Br)
  • Operators:Rodrigo Scupe, Eduardo Machado
  • +:Rodrigo Kruel
  • Assistant:Jefferson Steiver
  • Drone:Gonçalo Moutinho
  • Audio:Miguel Cabral (Pt), Marta Lopes
  • +:Mario Celso Neto (Br)
  • Assembly Coordinator:Célia Freitas
  • Assembly:Maiara Hijano
  • Additional Assembly:Fritz Delangelo, Bernardo Izecjsohn
  • +:André Emídio, Laura Costa Cantal
  • +:Eduardo Amaro
  • Audio Editing and Finishing:Tuhumusic Audiovisual, Michael Sexauer
  • +:Felipe Mesquita
  • Soundtrack:Arthur Maia and Banda Amplexos
  • Music Director:Arthur Maia
  • Marketing Production:Reinel Garcia
  • Finishing Production:LF Brandão
  • Archive Image Search:Igor Caldas