Uruguay in Vanguard

  • Genre:Documentary
  • Director:Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Production:Urbano Filmes
  • Year:2019
  • Length:72'
  • Country:Uruguay

The film addresses important social and political advances claimed through popular movements and enacted during the government of former President José Mojica in Uruguay.

Based on the testimonies of historians, artists, activists and politicians, historical facts unfold that explain the achievements of labor rights, the creation of the law of voluntary interruption of pregnancy, the regulation of cannabis, gender equity and racial issues.

The documentary illustrates the recent political and social issues in Uruguay, giving an overview to the public of our neighboring country, constituting good material to sharpen the debate on these controversial, current and extremely important issues.

The film premiered at Auditorio Del Sodre (Montevideo), was shown at Estação Net Botafogo (Rio de Janeiro) and at Cine Bancário (Porto Alegre). It is currently on display on Canal Curta and TV Tamanduá.

  • Direction:Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Movie screenplay:Maria Paula Araújo, Mônica Colista
  • +:Marco Antonio Pereira
  • Argument:Sylvia Palma E Marco Antonio Pereira
  • Production:Mônica Colista
  • Executive production:Maria Luz Ferrer (Uy E Br), Fernanda Lacerda
  • +:Reinel Garcia (Br)
  • Photography:Diego Galarza E Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Finishing Production:LF Brandão
  • Audio:Braulio Burgueño
  • Editing And Editing:Lívia Goulart, Rafa Rato
  • +:Marcia Francisco
  • Designer:Alessio Slossel
  • Graphic Designer:Aline Carrer