Pope’s Favela

  • Genre:Documentary
  • Director:Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Production:Urbano Filmes
  • Year:2023
  • Length:76'
  • Country:Brazil

Favela do Papa addresses the resistance movement of the slums’ residents of Vidigal community against the eviction order, an important chapter in the history of Rio de Janeiro in the 1970s. Through images obtained in the past and interviews, the film shows how the entities and personalities help and support the community to achieve land possession.

The engagement of the Catholic Church, through Pastoral das Favelas, jurists, and the artist Sérgio Ricardo, were determinant to the conquest and the control of the territory by the slum’s residents. The visit of Pope John Paul II to the favela in 1980 crowned the popular victory.

This episode was decisive for the end of the large-scale removal policy imposed by state governments. Vidigal became a paradigm of resistance and an example of popular victory after 3 years of protests.

  • Director:Marco Antônio Pereira
  • Production:LF Brandão
  • Executive Production:Helio Rodrigues
  • Photography:Felipe Paiva
  • Additional Photography:Marco Antônio Pereira and Luiz Gomes
  • Editing and Montage:Alessio Slossel e Victor Magrath
  • Visual identity:Aline Carrer